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I’ll be tattooing this Saturday and Sunday, July 2nd and 3rd 2016 at the “Northwest Polynesian Tattoo Festival”, Tacoma Convention Center- 1500 Broadway Tacoma, Wa 98402. BOOTH #1. Now booking appointments for skin stitch, hand poke and machine work! Send me an email!

I’ll be teaching and tattooing at the “Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency” July 11th- July 15th 2016 at University of British Colombia- Okanagan 1290 International Mews, Kelowna, BC. Canada V1V1V18
I’m also booking for this event and super looking forward to meeting new people and building the Indigenous tattoo revivals so dear to us!

I’ll be doing spoken word and songs with “Khu.éex'” for our LP release party Saturday, July 9th at the Nectar in Fremont. 412 N 36TH ST. SEATTLE, WA 98103 come through at 8pm and you wont be disappointed! A blend of Tlingit language, songs, dancing with funk, jazz, hip hop! Don’t miss out!

Náakw Dancers will be paddling our umiak for this years Tribal Canoe Journey “Paddle to Nisqually”! Super stoked! To find out how you can support us and our Indigenization efforts please send me an email!

Gunałchéesh! Yeex̲six̲án!