i want to recite a beautiful poem of wisdom and honor, tell you a old indian story to help you to grow, a metaphor about bears and trees but i dont have that privilege today, no theres different issues to tell you about right now, such as the thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women that have just recently been counted, about how indigenous people are the most likely race to be killed by the police, about the people in Cannonball North Dakota getting bit by attack dogs for protecting their water and lives of their future generations, about how our grandparents mouthes were washed out with bar soap that was meant to rid native languages from our existence, i want to tell you that justice cannot exist on stolen native lands no matter how many courtrooms and prisons are built, i want to tell you that the us government is not a permanent structure, nor are the colonial borders that divide us, i need you to know that if all lives really matter then we better see you marching with us, take a bullet for us if youre really in support of the cause, i want to ask my people of color this, will peaceful marches remedy the deaths of so many of us? if you havent noticed, we the only ones aiming for peace while at the same exact moment theyre aiming for our heads, theyre aiming for our lands, theyre aiming for for our waters, i want to tell you to retaliate, that a revolutionary suicide will echo, and i want to tell you that your silence is subjugation, your silence is allowing these things to keep happening, your excuses are allowing these things to keep happening, so let us stop acting like nothings happening, gather your courage everyone, and say something, better yet do something, go fight alongside the Standing Rock Sioux, go and show up, and resist, stop asking permission to do what is right, the time is now, lets not only fight in ND but let us fight injustice on our Indigenous lands and people in every community, to stop oil harvesting, oil transportation, and oil use, it is in our power to do so at this very moment, lets give our future generations something to be proud of when they remember our names, lets work together to provide them with clean water, with more truth and a sustainable spiritual environment in to live in. we owe it to them. gunałchéesh