New Videos! New Poetry, New Tattoos! New Mural! Tribal Canoe Journeys 2017!

Video of “In honor of Indigenous wombyn” spoken word piece by yours truly featuring Echo Aleck reciting her piece “Woman’s Warrior Strength” at Campbell River protocol during Tribal Journeys. Permission was granted by the composer of the “Women’s Warrior” song to present the collaborative piece in this way. Video by Project 562


“Tattooing in the big house” video footage of yours truly doing a traditional hand poke tattoo on a coordinator of the hosting nations of the We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum people. Video by Qatuwas productions during tribal canoe journeys 2017.



New Poem
“Consider Their Flag”

people trippin on this situation but we already too use to this shit.
525 years of genocide still has not nor will not break the strength of our perserverance. even now we must rise up fearless.
bullets as prayers so loud
they forced to hear us.

we cannot underestimate our own ability to retaliate.
the weapons we choose must be of our strongest strength.

we must move at the same time. together.
keep em locked and loaded, pay attention to the weather, when the tide rises,
we make our beauty forever.

recognize that when we give them our peace to them they hear “we surrender”.
thus they continue to enforce their politics of violence upon us.
we must not tell eachother to sit down and stay quiet.
but carefully so.
we must suffocate the beast where it hurts them most. pocketbooks.
its time to train your minds then your bodies.
consider their flag and your relationship to honesty.
as you recite their anthem, pledge your allegiance,
recognize youre supporting white supremacy.
their hoods
their cowardice
their privilege to kill POC’s.
is this how you want it to be?



New Tattoos

These pieces are for a newly engaged pair of powerful people. 


Hand poke tattoo. All ceremony and transformation.


Completed full back piece. Freehand. Tlingit as it can get. 


Doing some handpoke tattoos at “Northwest Tatau Festival” in Tacoma WA.


Video footage a Tlingitized armadillo! Original handpoke design and tattoo by yours truly…





New Artwork!

Sea Monster Mural! Currently residing in Pioneer Square in Seattle Wa. Part of a collaborative art show called “Out Of Sight”, this show will be up till the end of the August! Get in and see the 100+ artists before theyre all gone! Catch it at 115 S. Jackson St., Seattle Wa


New hand pounded copper bracelets, earrings and pendants with acrylic Tlingit design work! Order yours!


“never fight for someone who doesnt fight for you” – acrylics on yellow cedar. full size functional paddle.



Nortwest Tattoo Collective posing around as we planned and prepared our show to take place in 2018. Prepare yourselves Vancouver, BC



Tribal Canoe Journeys 2017 Paddle to Campbell River was amazing.

3 years in a row now ive brought my dance group out on tribal journeys. each year ive skippered and had the honor of pulling in a vessel of my grandfathers people an umiak. both my grandmother and my grandfather were out on the water a lot. my dad taught me a lot of what i know while out there. ive heard it said that our name Łingít can be translated to “Łéin-gít” people of the tides. each day i spend out on the water i am doing the very same thing my relatives did before me. it feels phenomenal and my heart overflows with love and intergenerational healing.

we spoke our grandparents language to the many nations at tribal journeys. we pulled in the spirit of our ancestors. we shared songs that the ocean gifted us. we are reawakening the power inside us. remembering parts of eachother. out here we wear our biggest voices. our most Indigenous skin. share generosity that we had forgotten. we encourage eachother and rise to a higher self and let the sweat and salt water rinse away everything else.

This pic was after our presentation inside the big house. 

Náakw Dancers posing as we came in for the final landing in Campbell River!