New Videos! New Poetry, New Tattoos! New Mural! Tribal Canoe Journeys 2017! _________________________________________________________________________   Video of “In honor of Indigenous wombyn” spoken word piece by yours truly featuring Echo Aleck reciting her piece “Woman’s Warrior Strength” at Campbell River protocol during Tribal Journeys. Permission was granted by the composer of the “Women’s Warrior” song to present the collaborative piece in this way. Video by Project 562 WATCH VIDEO HERE _________________________________________________________________________   “Tattooing in the big house” video footage of yours truly doing a traditional hand poke tattoo on a coordinator of the hosting nations of the We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum people. Video by Qatuwas productions during tribal canoe journeys 2017. WATCH VIDEO HERE _________________________________________________________________________   New Poem “Consider Their Flag” people trippin on this situation but we already too use to this shit. 525 years of genocide still has not nor will not break the strength of our perserverance. even now we must rise up fearless. bullets as prayers so loud they forced to hear us. we cannot underestimate our own ability to retaliate. the weapons we choose must be of our strongest strength. we must move at the same time. together. keep em locked and loaded, pay attention to […]
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New Video and more!

Click HERE to read the new VICE interview on yours truly. Click HERE view the brand new tattoo video work by Q’ATUWAS PRODUCTIONS “COASTAL WOMBYNS RESISTANCE” NEW PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE! “Coastal Wombyns Resistance”. acryllics on canvas 2016 by Nahaan. “KEEP IT IN THE GROUND” is a reference to oil, gas, ores, and trees, that are referred to as “resources” by the oppressors, and “relatives” by the truly Indigenous. Since the march in Vancouver is on the coast, as is the solidarity action in Seattle the Wombyn in the painting is also resisting going missing and or going murdered.$60 + Shipping – Send email for further info HAND POUNDED TLINGIT JEWELERY- Cause copper was more valuable than gold or silver back in the day. Made Tlingit Tuff. COPPER BRACELETS $80 + SHIPPING. COPPER EARRINGS $40 + SHIPPING -Send email for further info
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“Front lines everyday”- a poem after my 3rd trip to Standing Rock

(Traditional Skin Stitch Tattoo done by yours truly in Standing Rock Mid-November 2016) >>>——–>they dig up sacred burial grounds, unearth the graves of leaders, the resting remains of villages. they are rote in their pursuit, money is no obstacle for them, and amerikkkas laws only cater to their greed, they have snipers on top of hills and spotlights on the protectors at night, helicopters during the day, barb wired an concrete barricaded hwy 1806 they hide their badges so that the police and corporate state can safely brutalize Indigenous people as they defend their mother with all they have left, their flesh and bone and fire inside their veins and somehow the rage of 524 years of continual colonial fuckery has been beautified with peaceful resistance, what tremendous force has prevented us from shooting back? how have our Indigenous people stood there to get tear gassed, pepper sprayed, rubber bulleted, concussion grenaded, water cannoned, tazed, thrown to the ground and arrested, put in dog kennels with numbers written on their cold bodies, all so the corporations can continue to dig up Indigenous graves behind the safety of gun point security, to lay the Dakota Access pipeline, to plant their greed, […]
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New tattoos!

handpoke5 handpoke4 handpoke2 handpoke1new tattoo pics! you wanna see!? of course you do. take a look
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September photos and October events

Another busy month of October fo ya boi! 3 dance group presentations, 2 art shows in 2 countries, and 1 concert! Also a brand new spoken word video! Below you will also find works that i did in Standing Rock North Dakota and Victoria BC. I also am resuming Tlingit Language classes every Saturday and am also doing a class on Decolonization every Wednesday both at Chief Seattle Club. Our dance group “Náakw Dancers” has 3 presentations coming up in October… -Thursday October 6th at 12pm at Chief Seattle Club Fundraiser. Everyone welcome! -Monday October 10th at 3pm at Shoreline Community College Indigenous Peoples day Celebration. Everyone welcome! -Wednesday October 12th 5pm at Highline High school for their Indigenous Peoples Celebration. Everyone welcome! — “Bloodlines” at Bridge Productions in Georgetown Seattle Wa. Opening Wednesday October 5th-30th. Ill have some canvas work, prints and doing traditional tattoos as well. — Our band “Khu.éex'” has a concert on Saturday October 29th at 730pm at Town Hall Seattle Wa. Everyone welcome! — “Decolonize your mind-Origins of Oppression on Indigenous Lands” Wednesdays- September 28th, 12-2pm. October 5th, 19th and 26th. through December. Indigenous people only. “Tlingit Language Circle” Saturdays -October 1st, 22nd and 29th […]
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Because we owe it to them -an offering of Indigenous Resistance

i want to recite a beautiful poem of wisdom and honor, tell you a old indian story to help you to grow, a metaphor about bears and trees but i dont have that privilege today, no theres different issues to tell you about right now, such as the thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women that have just recently been counted, about how indigenous people are the most likely race to be killed by the police, about the people in Cannonball North Dakota getting bit by attack dogs for protecting their water and lives of their future generations, about how our grandparents mouthes were washed out with bar soap that was meant to rid native languages from our existence, i want to tell you that justice cannot exist on stolen native lands no matter how many courtrooms and prisons are built, i want to tell you that the us government is not a permanent structure, nor are the colonial borders that divide us, i need you to know that if all lives really matter then we better see you marching with us, take a bullet for us if youre really in support of the cause, i want to ask my […]
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Northwest Polynesian Tattoo Fest and Kelowna BC!

I’ll be tattooing this Saturday and Sunday, July 2nd and 3rd 2016 at the “Northwest Polynesian Tattoo Festival”, Tacoma Convention Center- 1500 Broadway Tacoma, Wa 98402. BOOTH #1. Now booking appointments for skin stitch, hand poke and machine work! Send me an email! I’ll be teaching and tattooing at the “Earth Line Tattoo Training Residency” July 11th- July 15th 2016 at University of British Colombia- Okanagan 1290 International Mews, Kelowna, BC. Canada V1V1V18 I’m also booking for this event and super looking forward to meeting new people and building the Indigenous tattoo revivals so dear to us! I’ll be doing spoken word and songs with “Khu.éex'” for our LP release party Saturday, July 9th at the Nectar in Fremont. 412 N 36TH ST. SEATTLE, WA 98103 come through at 8pm and you wont be disappointed! A blend of Tlingit language, songs, dancing with funk, jazz, hip hop! Don’t miss out! Náakw Dancers will be paddling our umiak for this years Tribal Canoe Journey “Paddle to Nisqually”! Super stoked! To find out how you can support us and our Indigenization efforts please send me an email! Gunałchéesh! Yeex̲six̲án!
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Amazing radio interview in Haines, Alaska

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN A great audio article put together by Jillian Rogers at KHNS Radio in Haines, Alaska after our talk on traditional tattoo revivals of the Tlingit and Nisga’a tribes. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
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Hibulb Cultural Center Presentation

  Ill be giving away a free skin stitch tattoo at the presentation this saturday in Tulalip! CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO Also heres some new works i did recently!
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