New Video and more!

Click HERE to read the new VICE interview on yours truly. Click HERE view the brand new tattoo video work by Q’ATUWAS PRODUCTIONS “COASTAL WOMBYNS RESISTANCE” NEW PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE! “Coastal Wombyns Resistance”. acryllics on canvas 2016 by Nahaan. “KEEP IT IN THE GROUND” is a reference to oil, gas, ores, and trees, that are referred to as “resources” by the oppressors, and “relatives” by the truly Indigenous. Since the march in Vancouver is on the coast, as is the solidarity action in Seattle the Wombyn in the painting is also resisting going missing and or going murdered.$60 + Shipping – Send email for further info HAND POUNDED TLINGIT JEWELERY- Cause copper was more valuable than gold or silver back in the day. Made Tlingit Tuff. COPPER BRACELETS $80 + SHIPPING. COPPER EARRINGS $40 + SHIPPING -Send email for further info
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