New Poetry

If I offer you poetry in this arena of snap judgements and knee jerk reactions, hurt people hurting people not knowing hurting people as wrong, if i offer you poetry to make you finally digest the past enough let the aches and pains go for a minute, would you take it? if you remember, your words can still be actions, just look at how they feel when they land, a seed, an arrow, a basket. if i offered poetry like an embrace, a blanket to wipe your tears to warm your hands, would you accept it? this is a poem for those whove forgotten, to those who swish words like re used mouth wash to spit at around and about the trees. let go. people are gonna be people. cant change em. be so consumed in the growth and improvement of your own life that you have no time to judge others. can only love em. accept em for all they knowingly and unknowingly choose to be. if i offered you poetry, a sunrise over steep mountaintop, a calm steady tide to soften those sharp edges of yours would you accept? 2015 ——————- Manifesto it’s a courtroom of thieves tryinta […]
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