New Poetry

If I offer you poetry in this arena of snap judgements and knee jerk reactions, hurt people hurting people not knowing hurting people as wrong, if i offer you poetry to make you finally digest the past enough let the aches and pains go for a minute, would you take it? if you remember, your […]

New Aerosol on Canvas Works!

Busted out the old cans of spray paint and got busy today! Painted 3 new canvases and several sweaters and jackets! Have yourself a look! The canvases will be on show in the Tacoma Art Museum for the month of May for their Northwest Native Festival!

Recent Elwha Tattooing

Talk about a life changing weekend! We hiked up and saw some amazing sights! Along the way to the top we visited an amazing waterfall, pulled ourselves up with ropes, and fed some gray jays directly from our hands! Also, heres some work I did recently while visiting the beautiful Elwha people. The face piece […]